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CPAs for Dental Practices
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If you want a CPA that understands your practice and your business, you’ve found that CPA. Caudell & Associates, PC specializes in practice advisory, tax, and accounting services for dental practices. We are experienced dental practice CPAs. You benefit from our specialized knowledge gained by working with practices like yours.

We scale our service to meet your needs. We believe consistency in management is critical to achieve consistent results. We meet with our clients every month to discuss practice activities and financial results. This monthly commitment is the first step in making your practice profitable. During these consultations we focus on the challenges you face.

  • Our Practice Made Profitable program kickstarts any practice into a more regimented and consistent approach to improved results. We developed this six-month program to address the challenges we consistently see in dental practices.
  • Many clients continue monthly consultations after the six-month program. These clients recognize the benefit of working with a financial manager that understands their industry and has experience with a lot of practices.

In addition to the topics include in our Practice Made Profitable program, our monthly consultations focus on the challenges you face in your practice like:

  • Strategy: Should I buy a new pano? Should I change my focus to implants or build up hygiene? Should I build out new rooms now or later?
  • Administration: Have employees completed their required annual training? Are we current on HIPAA and OSHA certificates? How should the practice pay for holidays and paid time off?
  • Personnel: Will employee bonuses improve my results? How do I make my employees function like a team? How do I get employees to show up on time and work to the end of their shift?

Our accounting services provide the foundation for our practice advisory services. Each month you will receive financial reports that tell you how you’re doing.

  • Period comparisons show your results compared to other periods.
  • Comparable analysis shows you your results compared to your peers.
  • Operating statistics like overhead ratios, collection ratios, and period charges convert financial data into meaningful benchmarks that help you manage your business.

Our mission is to help our clients achieve their goals profitably.

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