• do:

    Make Your Practice Thrive

    Through our business start-up services, we can deliver a six-step process to keep your business on track, in touch and profitable. >>
  • don't:

    Forget to Floss

    Because we understand the demands and details of running a dental office, we can provide business advisory services that are right for your dental practice.
  • don't:

    Skip Your Checkup

    Our experience with providing advisory, tax and accounting services to medical practices runs deep. Find out what we can do for your medical practice.

As a business owner, your primary focus centers on taking care of your customers. At the same time, you have a vision to build and grow your company. That means hiring a specialist who can provide guidance on the intricacies of running a business. For example, the challenges of dealing with accounting and tax issues often require a qualified CPA.

At Caudell & Associates, PC, we understand the demands you face and can help you manage the financial health of your growing business. Our accounting, payroll and tax services keep you informed and in compliance. Our business advisory services rely on years of working with growing businesses like yours. We help clients improve profits, streamline processes, reduce expenses and create teams that will add to your bottom line. Caudell & Associates’ team of CPAs can keep you on track as you work to elevate your business to a practice made profitable.

to do:
Hire a Qualified CPA
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We Specialize in What You Do
We work primarily with dental and medical practices. Our team understands the processes, regulations and financial details that drive your practice.
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