Our CPA firm specializes in tax planning and tax preparation services for owners of the business.

As a CPA firm in Houston, we work closely with local business owners to support tax planning and compliance issues specific to your industry.

We work with clients to create the structure of the business, separate business from personal expenses, track ordinary and customary deductions, establish a retirement plan, and keep good records.

The choice of entity is driven by your goals, the legal environment in which your business will operate, and the number of owners. We get involved with clients from the beginning to ensure that we maximize tax opportunities and minimize future surprises.

Every entity has the option to make an S-Election for federal tax purposes, which is independent of the entity you choose to form. An S-Election may be the right choice for you — we can help you decide if you should make your S-Election at formation or wait until later.
Having a CPA who knows your business and understands your approach is invaluable to help manage and grow your business, minimize your tax burden, and provide advice on tax strategies to employ.

We help clients pay attention to their tax obligations throughout the year to minimize surprises at tax time. Our conversations focus on tax deductions, tax form deadlines, managing debt and driving toward profitability, and understanding the capital gains and tax rate before choosing a specific path (e.g. expansion).

Our ultimate goal is providing each client with a tax return that complies with federal and state tax laws. To support this goal, our CPA firm employs research and guidance from leading tax research providers, utilizes a leading tax software package for even the most complicated tax situations, and provides thoughtful analysis of the tax code when confronted with complex tax issues.