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Tax Planning & Compliance Services
Before your practice starts making money, you need a solid tax strategy to keep as much of it as possible. Managing your tax obligation requires deep knowledge of tax laws, particularly as they affect owner-operated businesses, as well as the complexities unique to the medical and dental health providers. The skilled Houston dental CPAs at Caudell & Associates leverage decades of tax law and industry experience to develop and implement comprehensive business tax planning strategies for our clients. To achieve our goal of providing every client a tax return that complies with federal and state tax laws, Caudell & Associates employs:
  • research and guidance from a leading tax research provider
  • a leading tax software package for even the most complicated tax situations
  • thoughtful analysis of the tax code when confronted with complex tax issues
Our proven plans help you reduce or defer taxable income, which in turn allows you to build and preserve wealth while remaining in full compliance with federal and state tax laws.

Our range of tax planning and compliance services include:

  • Proactive, year-round business tax planning
  • Payroll tax and retirement plan strategies
  • Asset purchases and depreciation
  • Expense prepayments
  • Revenue deferrals
  • Estate and gift tax planning
  • Sales and use tax compliance

Business Tax Preparation

In conjunction with an effective tax planning strategy, Caudell & Associates offers expert business tax preparation services for our clients that lets them focus more on their patients. Whether you operate as a corporation, partnership, LLC or a sole proprietor, our experienced CPAs understand the intricacies of the Federal and state tax rules that apply. In addition, we continually stay updated on the latest changes in laws and regulations. We help both new and established businesses reduce their tax liability while remaining fully in compliance. Our tax preparation services include:
  • Federal Income Tax
    • Corporate Returns
    • Partnership Returns
    • Personal Returns
  • Texas Franchise Tax
  • Federal and State Payroll Tax
  • State and Local Sales Tax
  • Property Tax
Through diligent monitoring of the various filing deadlines throughout the year and effective use of current tax software and technology, we keep you informed and up to date on your tax filings. In other words, we can lower both the financial and emotional burden of your tax bill.

Individual Tax Planning and Preparation

The right time for tax planning occurs before the tax year ends. That gives you time to better understand your tax situation and make appropriate course corrections. Caudell and Associates offers tax strategies for individuals that can help you maximize retirement plan savings contributions and other tax deferred benefits offered by your employer. We can also help you make sure to take full advantage of available deductions. More complex individual financial situations may benefit from income splitting, income/expense shifting or other strategies. Our CPAs also prepare tax returns for individuals, who benefit from the same research, software and experienced professionals used for our business clients.
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