Our CPA firm specializes in tax planning and preparation services for individual business practitioners.

As a CPA firm in Houston, our tax accountants work closely with you to provide tax support before, during, and after tax season.


1. Guide You On Making the Right Tax Decisions.

2. Ensure You Set Aside Enough to Meet Quarterly Tax Obligations.

3. Help You Avoid Surprises When Filing Annual Tax Return.

Our involved approach provides clients with a better understanding of their tax situation to make appropriate course corrections before tax deadlines.

During the year, we also offer tax strategies for individuals to help maximize retirement plan savings contributions and other tax-deferred benefits offered by your employer, take full advantage of available deductions, and work through complex individual financial situations.

Our CPAs also prepare tax returns for individuals, who benefit from the same research, software, and experienced professional service enjoyed by our business and practice clients. If applicable, we will also prepare your state franchise tax if your personal return includes an LLC or other disregarded limited liability legal entity.

If you have concerns or specific tax questions, we are here to help.