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Practice Made Profitable

We developed our Practice Made Profitable program to help our clients achieve the right balance between providing compassionate care and making a profit. To be successful, you need to align your professional obligations with sustainable business processes. You need both happy patients and a profitable practice to declare success. We can help you find the balance that allows you to achieve your goals profitably.

We work through six topics during your first six months in business, during which time we also help you address and resolve other issues that arise while you’re getting started:

1Creation of your Mission, Vision and Values statements
2 Managing your business: Financial management, financial statements, forecast/proforma, goal-setting
3 Managing your team: Job descriptions, the hiring process, employee handbook, reviews, payroll and benefits
4 Managing your revenue: billing, collections, accounts receivable, posting and monitoring
5 Managing your expenses: vendors, bill payment, recording and issuing payments
6 Managing your results: KPIs and results review, proforma comparisons, compare to comparable, setting new goals

Practice Made Profitable continues after we’ve worked through these six topics. Once you’ve completed the initial process, we’ll work with you to determine the right level of ongoing support you require. Caudell & Associates continues to advise and offer counsel as your business grows and develops in complexity. The recurring goal-setting, review of results and course adjustments not only help keep you focused, but help you reach your ultimate objective of a practice made profitable.

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