Our CPA firm specializes in business planning for owners of the business.

As a CPA firm in Houston, we work closely with local business owners to build the right foundation that ensures long-term success, growth, and ultimately profitability.

We aim to understand each client’s vision. We will create a pro forma — or financial projections — to help set goals, determine required liquidity, and estimate the number of months to profitability.

During the business planning stage of your business, we focus on asking questions to help establish a pro forma plan. Why? It can take 12-18 months for monthly operating cash flow to reach the break-even point. Therefore, it is critical that we have a common understanding of the starting point for your business.


1. What are you trying to accomplish?

2. What are your employees looking for?

3. How do you plan to manage your people?

4. What are realistic expectations for business growth?

Additionally, we work with businesses on local, state, and federal filing requirements. This includes federal income taxes, state franchise taxes, federal payroll taxes, and property tax rendition with their local appraisal district. We ensure that our clients file required forms by deadlines.

We recommend working with a CPA that will help you with business planning, creating a clear path to profitability, and help meet reporting deadlines that apply to your specific business.