Our CPA firm specializes in accounting services for business owners.

We focus on helping clients select the ideal accounting system and establish the right processes. We either set this up for clients that want to handle accounting themselves or provide ongoing support for clients that want our CPA firm to handle their accounting function.

Ultimately, we ensure that clients know the score and can keep track of business profitability. This enables a clear view of whether their business strategy is working or when a course correction is required to continue growing.


1. Gather accounting information (statements and financial data).

2. Evaluate and organize accounting information.

3. Record information in the accounting system.

4. Generate reports from the accounting system.

5. We perform a Quality Review of reports.

6. Each client reviews performance and results.

We maximize the use of technology to support each of these accounting support services, which minimizes the amount of manual effort required. This supports the ultimate goal of reviewing performance to ensure continued growth.

Our Houston CPA firm appreciates the opportunity to work closely with local business owners to support their necessary accounting functions and ensure profitability.