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We frequently get calls from business owners who are six (or more) months behind on their bookkeeping. They know how much money is in the bank, but they think it should be more. Many small business owners control their expenses by paying all the bills. That takes a lot of time. As the owner, you are the leader of your organization. You should be focused on growing your business, growing your revenue and taking care of your customers or patients.

Imagine receiving reports each month that present how much money you collected and how much profit you made. You will see expenses presented in consistent categories, so you can see when they are too high or too low. You’ll see monthly payroll totals that confirm your suspicions when payroll continues to creep up while revenue stays flat or declines. You’ll receive this information each month when you work with us.

We keep score, so you can play the game.

Even better, we help you establish a process that you can delegate to your staff.  You’ll keep full control of your cash, but you won’t have to enter every transaction. We implement best practice processes, so you can:

  • Track revenue collected directly to your bank account.
  • Review and approve all vendor payments while delegating the responsibility to prepare them to your team.
  • Monitor your results over time to confirm that revenue and expense are moving in the direction you expect.

You’ll have a reliable system of internal controls. These controls communicate roles, responsibilities and your expectations to your team members. These consistently executed responsibilities result in financial and operational reports that help you drive your business toward your goals.

You’ll have access to a real time online dashboard where you can review your practice results at any time.

Our best practice accounting processes provide the basis for our ongoing practice advisory services. Your monthly results help us spot trends. We measure your results against your goals. We can spot required course corrections more quickly.

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