OnPay or Gusto? Consider These Alternatives to Intuit Online Payroll

CEO running payroll and calling Caudell & Associates to discuss alternative to Inuit Online Payroll

On May 1, 2021, Intuit announced their plans to retire Intuit Online Payroll (IOP). Intuit offers several payroll solutions and has proposed a replacement solution for IOP users. However, this presents a great opportunity to evaluate other payroll solutions available in the market.

Many of our clients have moved to OnPay or Gusto. Clients have found that these alternative payroll software solutions are cost-effective, easy to use, and offer a much broader business solution than a typical payroll service. Let’s review which platform could be a good fit for your business or practice.

Features and Functionality in Intuit Online Payroll Alternatives

Both OnPay and Gusto have similar features and functionality built into the software.

– Employee Self-Service: Employees have a portal through which they can retrieve paystubs, update their address and bank information, and log time-off requests. Your employees become responsible for maintaining their own information. Your business avoids the administrative burden of gathering forms and recording a lot of employee-specific information.

– New Employee Onboarding: Employees complete their setup through their employee portal. This includes all new hire documents (e.g. W-4, I-9, and review and acceptance of employee handbook). You can even email your initial offer of employment, which outlines duties, compensation, and other key attributes of working for your business. The payroll system can start to function as a digital employee file.

– Taxes: Payroll tax deposits are made automatically and payroll tax forms are submitted automatically.

– Accounting System Integration: Both OnPay and Gusto integrate with select online accounting systems. This integration significantly simplifies the effort to record your payroll each payday.

– Timekeeping: Both OnPay and Gusto integrate with select online timekeeping systems.

– Retirement plans: Each payroll system integrates with online 401k providers. This means either OnPay or Gusto will help significantly simplify the administrative burden required to support a retirement plan.

– Help Desk: Each vendor has a help desk to assist employees with all issues encountered with the system. This means fewer questions you have to answer.

We Can Help You Evaluate and Select The Right Payroll System

We are passionate about helping clients implement technology that helps you achieve your business goals. The benefit is even more amazing when you select a payroll provider that has a tight integration with your accounting solution.

OnPay and Gusto are both great solutions. We would love to help you evaluate the right fit for your business. We can also help you implement and integrate with a great online accounting system.

Give us a call to talk about alternatives and what you should look for in a payroll system that fits your business need. We can help you make an informed decision about alternatives to Intuit Online Payroll.