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Is It Time to Switch Your CPA Firm in 2020?

As a medical or dental professional, bringing on a qualified CPA or CPA firm can help your practice thrive. A CPA firm that is well-versed in the accounting needs of practices can save you time and money, as well as give you access to a wealth of financial advice and guidance. Unfortunately, not every CPA […]

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3 Things to Remember When Starting a New Medical Practice

There has been a significant shift in the medical industry according to recent research from the American Medical Association (AMA). Only 47.1 percent of surveyed physicians own their practice, down from 50.8 percent and 53.2 percent in the previous two reporting periods, respectively. Why is there a downward trend reflecting fewer physicians owning their own […]

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Supporting the “Beat the Odds” Scholarship Program

Our CPA firm is committed to supporting great causes and organizations. The “Beat the Odds” Scholarship program presented by the Children’s Defense Fund - Texas is one of those causes that helps courageous students in Houston get a head start on their college education. For the past several years, I have personally donated to the […]

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Our Tax Planning Workshops for Musicians and Dentists

Entering income tax return season, the team at Caudell regularly holds training events to support the community we work so closely with. In November 2019, our CPA firm hosted tax planning workshops for musicians and dentists at our office in Houston, Texas. Each industry has its own unique idiosyncrasies that are important to understand when […]

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Introducing Elizabeth Ruppert -- Our New Tax Manager

We are excited to announce that Elizabeth Ruppert has joined our team as our Tax Manager. She will support our clients with year-round tax issues, compliance with federal and state tax laws, and preparation and filing of client returns. Elizabeth is quickly becoming a valuable member of our team helping clients navigate tax issues and […]

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Grow Your Medical Practice With These 3 Accounting Tips

As a physician, you are seeking to provide advanced, quality healthcare to your patients. Delegating certain tasks that aren’t directly related to patient care can help you do a better job of succeeding at this goal. In the early stages of launching your practice, you may have taken on many responsibilities to keep your practice […]

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A Day in the Life of a Certified Public Accountant

How CPAs stay on top of their trade. It’s no easy feat for professional accountants to make the leap to a certified CPA. Besides the hours of training required to obtain a certification, CPAs need to maintain their licenses by meeting a required number of continuing education hours every few years. If you’ve ever been […]

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How to Avoid Tax Season Phone Scams

April is a busy time of year for accountants, CPAs and anyone filing their taxes. Whether you filed by April 15 or requested an extension, remember that, according to the IRS, it’s also a busy time for scammers. Compiled annually, the IRS’s “Dirty Dozen” list represents the worst of the worst tax scams. Consistently ranked […]

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