Dentist seeking support from a specialized dental CPA to understand financial performance

3 Benefits of Working with a Specialized Dental CPA

There is a lot more that goes into a successful dentist practice beyond caring for teeth. In fact, running a dental practice requires a certain level of understanding about accounting, tax, and financial situations to ensure the business stays afloat, grows, and becomes profitable. Of course, you completed years of

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Business owner considering the best use of technology to improve her business and streamline financial processes by caudell cpa in houston, texas.

The Best Use of Technology to Improve Your Business

“We change our tools and then our tools change us.” – Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos A doctor wouldn’t use outdated or partially implemented technology in the exam room. Why should that be accepted in the business office? Most business applications include features that simplify collecting and using data. We work

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Business owner reviewing documents to file Texas franchise tax forms by caudell cpa in houston, texas.

When Do You Need to File Texas Franchise Tax Forms?

Although the name may lead you to think otherwise, completing the Texas franchise tax forms is required by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts for taxable entities in Texas that are not franchises. The most common entities that must file include LLC, PLLC, Corporation, Professional Corporation, or a Professional Association.

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