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We take care of your musician accounting needs, including tax returns, so that you can focus on what matters — recording music and growing your music business.

Our CPA firm tailors accounting services to the specific needs of musicians in the music industry throughout Houston.

Accounting for musicians can be complicated, especially understanding how to account for income and expenses related to music production, recording studios, working with record labels, and other line items.

As a CPA for musicians, we provide tax preparation services, tax returns, and other accounting and tax services as requested. We’ll help you gain confidence in the status of your accounting, tax, and business standing to give you more time to focus on performing music.

If you are looking for accounting for musicians in Houston, you have found the right accounting firm. We’ll meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to go in the music business. Let’s work together to grow your career.

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Greg Caudell and his team are dependable. They’re one phone call away if we have an accounting or tax situation that needs an expert answer. More than anything, we have peace of mind knowing that our practice is supported by a knowledgeable and professional team. As our dental practice has grown, our monthly check-in now includes a yearly review that is extremely helpful for us to understand where we are and how we can continue to grow.